Shipping Policy

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We deliver to all countries within the EU. Please contact us by email if you are located in CH or NO, or any other non-EU country.

We try to process and ship your order within one workday (Monday to Friday).

We offer standard shipping free of charge (3-5 business days).  Please contact us if you require faster service.

Orders from non-EU countries are charged according to direct transport costs. Please contact us here for more information:

Clearance costs into non-EU countries are the responsibility of the buyer.

All shipments can be tracked with a tracking number. This number will be sent to you after your order has been shipped.

When does your order arrive?

Orders received before 12:00 'o clock (Monday-Friday) are usually shipped the same day. Orders that reach us after 12:00 are shipped the next business day. Delivery times average 3-5 business days from dispatch (delivery Monday-Friday), depending on location.